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Professional smartphone devices versus consumer phones


PrioCom, together with its business partners, looks beyond traditional voice and data communication. New technologies and systems, such as enforcement applications, are integrated to make business processes more efficient and safer.We regularly receive questions from customers whether they can also use their own devices for our push-to-talk solution. That question is not easy to answer. A large number of factors play a role in the choice of a device. The most important question is of course: who will work with it and under what circumstances? What is a need and what is important?

Safe migration

As a supplier of a mission-critical service, we ensure that the entire chain is built safely and efficiently. Customers often migrate from a traditional two-way radio environment and are used to robust devices with specific two-way radio features. Think of a physical speech key (push-to-talk button), emergency call button, exchangeable batteries, connectors for accessories such as the remote speaker microphone and devices suitable for an explosion hazardous environment (ATEX). We focus on these features to give the right advice for a device. There are now various manufacturers on the market that supply such Android-based devices. Think for example of Sonim.

Group communication

If users set lower requirements for the devices in connection with their working conditions, they can use their own device. For example, managers can use their Android and iOS devices if they want to be part of (group) communication. We will go into this in more detail in a next blog.

To advise you in making a good choice, we have listed a number of things that are important:

  • do you need a physical speech key?
  • do you want a physical emergency call button?
  • what should be the volume?
  • is there a need for exchangeable high capacity batteries?
  • do you need decent accessory connectors?
  • are you working under low-high ambient temperatures?
  • the device must be glove friendly, waterproof (IPX8), dustproof (IP6x), pressure resistant, drop-proof, chemical resident or explosion-proof (ATEX).

Important questions that make the difference between professional smartphone devices versus consumer phones.

Our business partners are knowledgeable and can help you make the right choice.

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